Created:  2/24/2010
Updated:  9/21/2017
All YCSD athletic team fund-raisers and team trips, where the Huskers Club will be used to process (hold, distribute money on behalf of sports teams), will require written notification from the Athletic Director indicating that the specific team fund-raiser or trip has been approved by the District.  
Each fund-raiser or team collection should be assigned a contact person for the Huskers Club to communicate through.  Either a team parent or someone appointed by the Athletic Director will be paired up with a Huskers Club representative for the fund-raising efforts.
All money will be collected by the team parent or the designee appointed by the Athletic Director, funds will be deposited with Huskers Club via the assigned Huskers Club representative.  The money will be counted and a signed receipt for funds will be given to the team parent or designee. 
Five (5) days notice must be given by the Coach, Assigned Team Designee or the Athletic Director; to the Huskers Club for all checks to be paid to the YCSD for the transfer of fund-raiser/trip.  
Checks will be written out from the Huskers Club to the YCSD for the amount collected for the event.  Funds may be held by the Huskers Club for future expenditures and will be allocated for the specific team who raised the funds. 
All checks will be written out to YCSD for fund-raisers approved by the school.  The Huskers Club will not front or prepay any funds that are not in the teams account.  The teams will also be charged for any return of check fees incurred by the Huskers Club. 

The Huskers Club will not charge teams for processing when parents pay the money needed to attend a trip and where no fund-raising is taking place for the expenditures.    

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